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About the project

Hello, fellow explorer! This site is devoted to the exploration of the limitless universe of Elite Dangerous. Like all of you we started with a sheet of paper and a pen to log our discoveries. Later, after visiting a couple of thousand systems we started to notice a relationship between the stars and distance to the most valuable planets — those suitable for terraforming. We used Excel tables to trace it, and a list of references to check the data and to store it using the forum board to exchange our discoveries. And suddenly the idea for this site appeared. Why not to unite all this stuff? The discovery log of the most valuable stars and planets and an engine to display the relationships between the star types and their planets? So here we are! Elite Dangerous Exoplanets — an online database where anyone can store their own data and use it to optimize their journeys!

Now you are able to store and trace the most common stars and the most valuable planets in the Elite Dangerous Universe. These are 19 star types including O, B, A, F, G, K, M, Neutron stars, and Black holes and 5 types of planets that we track: terraformable high-metal, terraformable water world, Earth-likes, water-worlds and ammonia worlds.

We accept data about all stars and planets, but due to our first and main goal is displaying the dependencies of the planets orbits we try not to include in our database planets whose habitable zone is affected by the heat of another star in the system. Usually it happens with neutron stars and with other hot stars as well. All the planets that are added to the database are statistically checked and if they do not pass that check they are added to our moderation list. Our experienced moderators will check the data and judge whether or not there is any disturbance due to other stars or planets. A screenshot may be required to confirm your data. So you may be sure about our charts and the information that they provide.